How to Wear Cardigans?

While the cardigan was a cultural heritage that was used by the elderly to keep their backs from getting cold until a few years ago and was not used outside the borders of the home, how did it enter our lives so quickly in recent years?

With the beginning of the street fashion trend in the world, first long cardigan and then short cardigan models entered our lives with different colors and patterns. They have now become indispensable parts of our wardrobe.

As I always say, it is very important what you complement the piece you want to wear and how you use it. While it can be part of an elegant combination with cardigans, stilettos and fabric trousers, it can be a sporty piece with sneakers and jeans.

It doesn't matter whether it's a basic cardigan, long or short, you should definitely use a shawl when worn with crew-neck t-shirts and complemented with tights or jeans. Using a shawl will enliven your look.

While medium and tall women can choose long cardigan models, very long cardigans will not be suitable for short women. It is enough for it to end at the hip.

In business life, cardigans gain a more feminine look when used with shirts. There is no doubt that you will find the perfect match with knitwear trousers or knitwear skirt.

The cardigan to be used over the dress should be long. To get a more dynamic look, you should try combining it with a belt. Using a belt will make your waist look thinner than it is. You will look like street style stars with a stylish pair of boots.

It's time to use pleated skirts with cardigans. Wear a plain t-shirt over midi skirts and combine them with soft-textured knit cardigans. The length of the cardigan should not exceed knee level. You will look taller than you are with this look.

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