Simplicity is at the forefront in clothing styles. They can buy whatever is comfortable. Jeans, knitwear and oversize jackets are perfect for them. They often reflect their serious stance on their clothes. They prefer dark colors. Navy blue, brown, black and anthracite are indispensable. Capricorn is very successful in combining these dark colors with each other. Capricorn is the zodiac sign that breaks the mold of brown and black or navy blue and black not being together and popularizes it.

Jackets that support his serious and distant stance are a key part of his wardrobe. The jacket represents the dignity that matters most. All jacket models, from blazer jackets to tweed jackets, are available in many colors in his wardrobe. Trousers are included in the jacket style as it will be comfortable in the combination.

Masculine clothing style is perfect for Capricorn women. High-waist loose palazzo trousers, which they combine with full fisherman knit sweaters, are accompanied by high-heeled boots and small unpretentious accessories.