How to Wash Knitwear?

The temperature of the water used is very important to prevent damage to our knitwear. Using high temperature water causes knitwear sweaters to shrink. Cold water, on the other hand, causes the dirt not to be separated from the fabric because sufficient temperature is not provided, that is, it is not cleaned sufficiently. That's why we should wash our knitwear by hand or in the machine on a delicate washing program at 30 degrees.

Another important element when washing a knitwear sweater is detergent. The threads of knitwear products are delicate. Normal detergents cause damage. If you use wool detergent, you will not have any problems. The delicate threads of knitwear will be minimally affected by detergent residues and will provide much longer use.

How to Dry Knitwear?

We should not dry our knitwear in the dryer. Dry it by laying it out and keeping it away from direct sunlight, otherwise the colors may fade. Never dry on the heater; it will cause light colored items to turn yellow. Wet knitwear should not be kept together for a long time because their colors may bleed into each other. Avoid hanging; If you hang it, it will sag and its form will deteriorate.

How to Clean Pilling Knitwear?

Pilling is not a quality problem in knitwear products!!!!

Knitwear, by its nature, may pill. Knitwear may become pilled due to use or friction. Don't panic... You can easily clean it using lint collecting devices or heads.

By applying the basic information we have given above, you can use your knitwear products for a much longer time...