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Data Privacy and Security Policy

Sementa Elektronik İnş. Mak. Teks. Mağazacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.  As (“SEMENTA”); we primarily accept the privacy of the information of our customers, visitors and employees as members (to be referred to as the Member) of the  www.sementa.com  website and / or mobile application (referred to as the Site and / or Mobile Application). We would like to present our principles that we have made as the “Data Privacy and Security Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) within the scope of providing and protecting the information security. 

1. Scope of the Policy and General Information
SEMENTA attaches great importance to the privacy rights of its customers and protection of their information, complies with all legal regulations in this regard and applies the principles described below within the scope of our Policy. 

Our policy includes the issues of; 

  • What is the customer information collected on our Site and/or Mobile Application,
  • For what purposes such information is collected and in which forms it is used, 
  • How the information can be changed, 
  • Preferences of our customers in respect of communication and how they can be changed, how the information is secured, 
  • The rights of our customers related to protection of their information etc. 

1.1. Information Collected
If you subscribe to our e-bulletins announcing our services and campaigns and to our Site and / or Mobile Application and if you give consent or benefit from our services without being a member, we will need your certain personal information such as name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, gender, date of birth, personal interests, order details, visit details, invoice and shipping addresses in order to provide you with better service. Apart from this information, collective statistical data such as Site and / or Mobile Application visit frequency and times, order times and internet protocol address (IP) at the time of order and last login IP address, statistics of the visited product pages and ordered products is collected and used to analyze and understand visitor actions and preferences. Within the framework of these statements, your data (information) is collected in order:

  • To create your account on the SEMENTA website and / or mobile application (eg your name, surname, e-mail address, telephone) to process your orders via Online services (eg your name, address, date of birth)
  • To send e-mail and text message notifications to notify the delivery status (eg your e-mail address, phone number)
  • To send marketing offers such as newsletters, surveys, customer-tailored content and campaigns and catalogs (eg your e-mail address, phone number, name and postal address)
  • To report possible problems in the delivery of the products you have purchased (eg your phone number, e-mail address, address)
  • To answer your questions and inform you about new or changed services (eg your e-mail address, phone number)
  • In order to better understand our customers' shopping preferences and to provide appropriate marketing offers and information, to make Trend analysis and statistical analysis, research and surveys, to define appropriate discounts or campaigns for customers (eg e-mail address, shopping habits, in-site browsing habits )
  • To verify Online shopping and that you are of legal age (eg your date of birth)
  • To get feedback from you about the collections in order to provide better service if our customers participate in the surveys, to measure your satisfaction with the shopping experience, to measure your satisfaction with the products you have purchased (eg order steps satisfaction survey, satisfaction survey for the pants purchased, questionnaire for the products in the new season women selection)
  • In order to respond to any requests and complaints of the customer when information is sent to us via the contact us form (eg name, surname, e-mail address, phone number)
  • To design tailored campaigns in case of any event, to provide content and communication according to the preferences of the person, to announce events to be held, to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right customer (eg age, date of birth, gender, frequency of use). 
  • To provide the right communication to the right customer in case of a mobile application, to deliver the content that may be of interest to the user, to enable the application to be developed according to the technical specifications of the user's device (eg version information of SEMENTA application, mobile phone brand model, IP address, operating system, location information if the location information has been active) 
  • Log records of internet accesses are recorded and shared with judicial and / or administrative authorities / institutions / organizations, if required, in accordance with the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of the Broadcasting on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications and applicable legislation, and if necessary, they are processed in internal audit processes within the framework of legal obligation. 
  • To strengthen the security of the site and / or mobile application (e.g. using multi-factor authentication methods in accessing systems or taking security measures such as firewall, internet gateway, network and subnet separation for network and data security of company systems. 
  • To fulfill our obligations within the scope of international and local legal regulations regulating electronic commerce terms and conditions.

 We would like to vitally remind you that the credit card information used during order creation is not stored in our company systems in any way.   However, regardless of our company's systems, your credit card information, if any, stored in Masterpass infrastructure can be stored in Masterpass infrastructure.   If you have spending objections, we recommend that you contact your bank without delay.

1.2. Use of Information Collected
Information collected on the Site and / or Mobile Application is used for the following purposes:

  • To conduct and complete order processes and ensure communication with our customers
  • To give information about products, services, events, campaigns and promotions
  • To better understand the shopping preferences of our customers
  • To make trend analysis and statistical analysis
  • To strengthen the security of the Site and / or Mobile Application
  • To be able to show the customer related content

1.3. Sharing the Information Collected
Information collected on the Site and / or Mobile Application is intended for the correct, quality and proper performance of the service, fulfilling the obligations under the legal legislation, making the website and mobile application being easy to implement, ensuring customer satisfaction, fulfilling the contract requirements, following the legal procedures and making them personalized according to the tastes, usage habits and needs of the customers. With the stated purpose, it can be shared with the companies we work with at home and abroad (cargo, call center, database etc. service companies), Sementa group companies, affiliates and official authorities where required by legal obligations. 
However, in any case, your information is protected by SEMENTA and it is ensured that all companies with whom we share your information are ensured to act with the same level of importance and privacy. Apart from the foregoing, your information is not shared, in any way, with 3rd parties or legal persons or it is not used for commercial purposes for any reason other than the activity.

The member and visitor may use the Site and / or Mobile Application provided that he/she comply with the conditions set forth in this Policy.

The member or visitor agrees that he / she will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of the Policy and that these terms will be binding on him as soon as he / she starts to use the Site and / or Mobile Application. SEMENTA reserves the right to change the conditions stated below when required in accordance with the legislation or this Policy at its discretion and to notify the Member of the changes.

2. Information Security
SEMENTA attaches great importance to the security of its customers' information and works with the most advanced technology tools to achieve it. In order to ensure the security of our site and / or our Mobile Application, all kinds of physical, electronic and administrative measures have been taken in safe environments. All information is stored and backed up on secure servers located at home and abroad. 

Privacy and information security e-trainings are provided to increase the awareness of staff on personal data and data protection laws. Responsibilities of the personnel regarding information security are undertaken in writing. Disciplinary processes are operated if non-compliances with Policy and procedures is detected. There are infrastructure systems to detect data leaks. The security of data at application and service level is ensured by the use of encrypted protocol, firewalls and access control mechanisms. The data are classified and labeled. Physical security measures have been taken for protection against external and environmental threats. Changes made in information systems are recorded. Personal data is backed up within the framework of the data backup policy against data losses. Information systems are regularly subject to security vulnerability scans and any detected weaknesses are eliminated. 
SEMENTA takes all necessary precautions to ensure that its employees and all the institutions and organizations with whom it has agreements have the necessary sensitivity and have sufficient awareness of information security. SEMENTA ensures that all its employees receive training on information security at the beginning and subsequent stages and that their information is kept up to date.  

The information received on our Site and / or our Mobile Application is carried by the technology called SSl (Secure Socket Layer) that provides secure information transfer. On the pages where you transfer your payment information on our Site and / or our Mobile Application, you will see a lock or key picture (depending on the browser you use) on the far right on the address line of your browser and the first letters of the address on this address line turn from http to https. If you see them, you can be sure that you are on our site and / or our mobile application's secure servers.

If there is a violation of information security, non-conformances are detected without delay and all necessary precautions are taken to eliminate and not repeat them. 

SEMENTA reserves all legal rights against the person or persons responsible for such violations if it encounters information security violations.

3. Cookie Usage
On our site and / or Mobile Application, “cookies”, which can be defined as small data files recorded in your computer, are used during your visit. These files are industry standards used to make your shopping more efficient and secure on our Site and / or Mobile application and are used on all shopping sites and / or mobile applications.
If you do not want to use these files or you want to be notified when they are used, you can make the necessary changes in your internet browser.
Web pages use Cookies in multiple locations. Their function is to make our presentation closer to the user, more effective and safe. Cookies are small text files that are left on your computer and stored by your browser. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain any viruses.
Sementa also uses analysis tools provided by social media such as Google and Facebook.
By adjusting your browser or application or its operating system (iOS, Android, Windows) as required, you can prevent such data from being transferred, but in this case, the query, usage or functionality of the content or service offered may be problematic.

4. Protecting the Rights and Information of Our Members
You have the right to receive information about all your information recorded by SEMENTA. If your information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that the information be corrected or deleted. You can withdraw your consent / permission for the use of your information used in marketing at any time. (eg sending newsletters or sending campaigns to your e-mail address).

If a member wishes to unsubscribe at any time, she/she can easily unsubscribe from e-mail by clicking on the link "Please click here to unsubscribe from our e-bulletin list" at the bottom of the e-mails or by sending an e-mail to iletisim@sementa.com via the e-mail used for membership. They can also easily cancel their e-mail subscriptions from the "Personal Information" section on the membership page.

In the use of the Site and / or the Mobile Application, our members must comply with all the conditions in the Policy and the rules specified in the relevant sections of the Site and / or the Mobile Application.
Visual, textual content presented on the Site and / or Mobile Application is for personal use. All rights of all texts, graphics, photos, videos, animations, sounds included in the content of the Site and / or Mobile Application are reserved; unless otherwise specified, it may not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission. It is forbidden to publish or link any element on the Site and / or Mobile Application in another medium or website and / or mobile application without SEMENTA's permission and approval.
SEMENTA reserves all legal rights under the principles set forth in this article and related legislation. 

We establish commercial communication with our Members through electronic means of communication in order to promote and market SEMENTA's products and services, send messages containing campaigns, promotions, gifts, discounts, information, celebrations and wishes or to promote Sementa or to do them through the companies we have contracted on our behalf within the framework of the applicable service and subject to your approval. 

You can reach us with the contact information below:
Sementa Elektronik İnş. Mak. Teks. Mağ. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Head Office
Ehlibeyt Mah. 1271 Sok. No:23 Çankaya Ankara

Phone: +90 312 736 36 82

Email: iletisim@sementa.com
  Web: www.sementa.com
 Mersis: 0760047799900053
 Trade Registry Number: 356820

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