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  • Am I safe while shopping with a credit card?

    We use the latest technologies and the best service providers for your security when shopping with your credit card. In addition, high security standards are valid for all purchases on our site. Thanks to Security Certificate, you can shop safely from our site without risking your security.

    Your credit card information is never stored on Sementa servers. Your payment transactions are made between you and your bank, and only the bank is informed whether this transaction has been approved or not, and your payment information is closed to the access and intervention of third parties. 

  • What are your payment options?

    When shopping from sementa.com, you can take advantage of credit card, money order / EFT

  • Will I pay an extra for paying at the door?

    There is no cash on delivery service in overseas sales.


  • How does the payment system work paying at the door?

    There is no cash on delivery service in overseas sales.

  • Although I have entered all the necessary information on the payment page, I cannot get payment confirmation?

    If you have trouble making your payment with a credit card,

    * Usage limit of your credit or virtual card,
    * You have chosen the Visa or Master card type on your card correctly,
    * The expiration date of your card, 
    * CVV information written on the back of your card, 
    * If the card you use is a supplementary card, whether it has been canceled by the main card owner,
    * Whether there is a loss notice on behalf of your card and
    * During the confirmation process, we ask that you check that your internet connection is working.

    If you think there is a problem other than the ones mentioned above, you can get support from our customer service line at +90 312 736 36 82.


  • Is it possible to pay with foreign credit cards?

    Can you pay via the international payment system PayTR


  • How and when does the refund arrive in case of cancellation and return?

    The amount to be returned after the return or cancellation of the product will be refunded according to the form of payment you have made.

    If your payment was made with a credit card, the refund amount will be deposited into your card account.

    The refund of payments made by Money Order/EFT or at the door payment method will be made to your IBAN Number. You can send your IBAN number by calling our customer service line at +90 312 736 36 82. 

    After the payment process, you are informed by e-mail. The duration of the refund will be reflected in your card account or bank account depending on your bank.

    If you have made your payment in installments using a credit card, the entire amount will be paid by us to the bank of your credit card at once. After this stage, the bank deposits this amount to the credit card every month and withdraws (reflected in the bank statement -). This process continues during the number of installments.


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