Scorpio represents the most beautiful times of autumn; It is the sign of passion, charm and self-confidence.

-Scorpios, known for their bold and extraordinary clothing styles, love to follow fashion, but they always add their own interpretations to the combinations.

-Scorpio women make sure that their clothing looks attractive. They experience a great attraction to the color black. There is a high probability that 'Black is my happy colour' is a sentence belonging to them.

-The Scorpio woman definitely prefers leather when creating her style, both on special occasions and in daily activities. They like leather jackets and leather trousers.

-When choosing fabric, they use lace and satin fabric. These fabrics, which are quite difficult to combine, are the favorites of Scorpios. Being coded as sexy definitely has something to do with this choice.

-Scorpios always use accessories in their combinations and enhance their style with the choices they make.

-Scorpio woman's night style is very sexy. For special occasions, she uses her cleavage by choosing either the legs or the chest.