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Men's Sweater Models

In the cold periods of the year, every one of us, regardless of woman, man, child and old age, has to wear sweaters. As in everyone's home, winter and seasonal men's sweaters made of wool, cotton and mixed yarns can be found in all men's wardrobes in different colors and models. Men's sweater models are also frequently preferred by men, especially in spring and winter. Sementa men's sweaters are mainly woven from acrylic , wool and cotton . The sweaters specially produced for men by Sementa, whose wool and acrylic weights change for the colder seasons, are available on our website with a wide range of colors such as black, anthracite, coffee with milk, burgundy, navy blue, green, petrol green and different models. Men's sweaters with sleeves and sleeveless, with different collar models, patterned and single color seasonal and winter sweaters in different thickness are waiting for you at Sementa with reasonable prices.

Types of Men's Sweaters by Collar

Sweaters are generally one-piece clothing. But among men's sweaters, there are sweaters that are also designed to be worn with a shirt. This distinction is determined by the collar shapes of the sweaters. In addition, it gives the collar shape to men's sweater models, which are usually designed plain and plain. Zero collar, V-neck, polo collar, zippered collar, buttoned collar, turtleneck, half turtleneck and wide collars provide the opportunity to choose for men and also determine all styles of sweaters. For example, crew neck sweaters are a simple and sporty choice. But the shirt you will wear inside your zero-collar sweaters will turn your air into a classic.

Polo collar sweaters, on the other hand, evoke the classic style. When pocket details are added to polo-neck sweaters, these sweaters get a more sporty look. Sweaters with zippered collars can adapt to any style. Men's sweaters with zipper details on the collar do not allow wearing a shirt inside, as they cover the throat half or completely. Buttoned sweaters, on the other hand, are usually on a polo-like collar, and when you wear a shirt inside them, they do not look stylish because they will become bulky. Therefore, they are more stylish when worn alone. Turtleneck, half neck and turtleneck sweaters are very noble pieces that are always suitable for every style.