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In Turkey, as in the rest of the world, women's clothing is ahead of all clothing categories. With their change-oriented thoughts that demand fine tastes and innovations, women always determine fashion trends in a wide range from dresses to coats, women's blouses, women's jackets, women's sweaters, suits or accessories such as women's shawls. Therefore, while women's clothing store alternatives are increasing day by day, the criteria that enable women to choose any clothing product are also increasing in response to this increase. These criteria, which can be generally grouped under the main heading of quality and divided into subheadings, are taken into account in purchases made both in physical stores and through women's clothing sites that offer online shopping opportunities. At this point, Sementa stands out with its deep-rooted history and attitude that cares about quality and user experience.

Trust in Sementa with its wide product range and quality that allows for long-lasting use; With styles such as women's classic clothing, women's sportswear, women's underwear, where different dynamics must be taken into consideration in the name of elegance and style, and product options offered for older women's clothing as well as for young women's clothing; It is revealed by appealing to women of all ages and taste levels.