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Women's Clothing

As in the rest of the world, women's wear is at the forefront of all clothing categories in Turkey. With their refined tastes and change-oriented thoughts that demand innovations, women always define fashion trends in a wide range from dresses to coats, women's blouses, women's jackets, women's sweaters, suits or women's shawls. Therefore, while women's clothing store alternatives are increasing day by day, the criteria that enable women to choose any clothing product increase in the face of this increase. These criteria, which can generally be grouped under the main heading of quality and divided into sub-headings, are taken into account both in physical stores and in women's clothing websites that offer online shopping opportunities. At this point, Sementa stands out with its deep-rooted history, attitude that cares about quality and user experience.

Confidence in Sementa with its wide product range and quality that allows long-lasting use; in style concepts such as women's classic clothing, women's sportswear, women's underwear, where different dynamics should be observed in the name of elegance and style, and with product options offered for young women's clothing as well as for old women's clothing; It is revealed by appealing to women of all ages and taste levels.

Women's Classic Clothing Products are at Sementa!

When it comes to women's classic clothing, the first things that come to mind are evening dresses and products that women prefer to wear in their workplaces, where they spend a lot of time in their daily lives.

With business women's clothing options, Sementa offers women's dresses in different colors, dominated by classical style lines. There are models that are animated with details such as solid colors, stripes, tassels or slits and are also suitable for plus size women's clothing. In all models, in addition to vivid colors such as red and burgundy, dark colors such as black, gray and brown, which are indispensable for office wear habits, also stand out.

Every woman, when choosing night wear products, shows more than the care she shows when choosing any clothing option. Because, when it comes to women's night wear, people go to crowded places such as invitations and dinners. That's why every woman wants to carefully display her clothing habits, fine tastes and the most suitable clothes and accessories for her. It desires to be stylish without sacrificing quality. As such, stylish women's shirts and trousers with striking lines stand out, as well as dresses suitable for the night's concept. Sometimes, balloon sleeves and embroidered shirts are complementary to trousers for night wear. In addition, this stylish and striking combination is completed with appropriate shawls. Bags always keep their place among the must-haves. All these options and more are waiting for you in Semanta's women's clothing categories!

Sementa, the Address of Comfort and Elegance!

Sementa, the unchanging address of comfort and elegance, also responds to the needs of women that prioritize being stylish and comfortable in a practical way. Sementa offers different options to fulfill the desires of women, as some combinations are completed with the emphasis on women's topwear and the focus of elegance on tops.

Among these options, products such as tunic, sweater and poncho are among the most preferred ones. For example, tunics are comfortable products that provide high mobility. Every woman may need this as she cares about moving fast from time to time during the day. While ponchos are preferred in the same way; Sementa's ponchos, suitable for classical and sports style, easily adapt to different clothing concepts. While faux fur ponchos suitable for classical style complete a night outfit, knitwear and zippered ponchos can be the provider of sports style and comfort in general. Of course, clothing products such as sweaters, vests, sweaters and trench coats are never overlooked. While all these products are brought together, they sometimes create a shabby women's clothing style, and sometimes they create a whole that we can call stylish women's clothing, where classic lines and elegance are blended together with comfort. The control point of this formation is the tastes of each woman and the way they apply these pleasures with their clothes. Moreover, this application can be easily implemented in Sementa with options suitable for all tastes, in all women's outerwear products and in young, middle-aged women's clothing or old women's clothing products!

At, the same details also meet the expectations of women who want to highlight their elegance with women's bottom wear products. Elegance, of course, is a whole. So is comfort, but personal tastes sometimes reveal that the center of this focus should be more visible in any of the bottoms or tops. In this direction, products such as skirts, women's trousers, tights and tracksuits stand out. Elastic knit, slit or plain knit skirts are among Sementa's most popular models. While each of them has different color options; You can find the opportunity to evaluate the lower clothing products individually or as a set.

Women's Home Wear Products

Those that are expected to be the most comfortable clothing products can be evaluated in the women's home wear category. After all, our home is the biggest comfort zone we have. Therefore, our clothes need to adapt to this comfort and increase this comfort. However, it is also expected to fit a certain budget plan with functionality. For this reason, the cheapest women's clothing products are scrutinized without compromising on quality. In addition, women do not give up their sense of elegance with cheap women's clothing products. Acting with this awareness and meeting all the needs of its customers with all its products for years, Sementa proudly presents its products suitable for different budgets in this category as well.

Women's tracksuits suitable for all seasons, women's pajamas, tights and women's t-shirts are among the most popular products in home wear products. And of course, all the details such as pockets, number of pockets, embroidery or printing on the pockets are determined to appeal to different tastes.
One of the details that must be remembered here is that the event colts, which are indispensable for women's home wear products, are also preferred to be worn outside. Sementa's tights options offer alternatives that you can use while fulfilling your daily life practices.

Women's Underwear Products

Of course, women's underwear products are chosen in daily life, especially considering the comfort criterion. Along with the comfort they provide, these products often stand out with embroideries and lace on them. While Sementa's women's underwear products have all these features, they are also carefully designed to win the appreciation of women of all ages, as always.

Sementa's product range also includes undershirts, which are used both in underwear and especially in home wear, just like outerwear. Basic models and striped patterns are the main factors that determine the preferences. In short, Sementa responds to the clothing needs of all women, from classic to sports style, from elegance to comfort, from quality to long-lasting use, and in a way that can be preferred both indoors and outdoors according to your wishes.