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Men's Jacket Models

When it comes to men's jackets, classic style jacket models come to mind for everyone. However, men's sports jacket models that can be worn inside classic jackets in winter are also preferred by men. In this way, men who can keep their bodies warm in classic jackets want to wear more sporty knit jackets on top of their modern cut classic style trousers . Sports style men's jacket models, which can also be worn as coats in spring, are extremely stylish and stylish products. The most preferred models, especially in cold weather, are knitwear men's jackets that can be worn inside jackets and coats.

Sementa knitwear jackets can also serve as cardigans with their zippered and buttoned models. However, the prices of knitwear men's jackets, which have a thicker texture than cardigans and provide a clearer and more stylish stance, are quite affordable considering their quality. Knitwear men's jackets contain 80% wool and 20% acrylic with Sementa quality. Knitwear men's jacket models that will keep you warm in winter are waiting for you at Sementa. There are quilted and patterned models closer to the classical style in men's jackets. These models have a very stylish and stylish complementary look as they contain more acrylic. Coat-style jackets are also among Sementa's men's jackets. These coat jackets, which can adapt to any style whether classic or sporty, are among the most preferred models among men's jackets.

How to Combine Men's Knitwear and Sports Jackets?

Knitwear jackets are very popular and often preferred by men. Combining knitwear jackets that men do not wear in winter and spring is another matter. If your style is sports, we recommend that your knit jacket not have quilted or faux leather details and embellishments. Such details shift your dressing style to classic.

If you want to get a more sporty look, you can wear jeans or canvas trousers with your knitwear jacket. If you are going to prefer classic fabric, the cut of your trousers should be narrow so that they can create a good combination with knitwear jackets. Again, wearing patent leather shoes or buckled shoes under knitwear jackets will make your style look complicated. Shoes with thicker soles and laces and boots will suit your knitwear jacket very well.