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Men's Vest Models

Although vests may seem like an accessory in general, they are actually a necessity for men. In addition to its elegance, men's vests are the most comfortable pieces that can be worn inside a suit in cold periods. Sweaters worn inside jackets and coats restrict movement. Moreover, it is almost torture to wear shirts inside sweaters to keep warm. If you prefer thin sweaters, you will also be cold. Vests, which you can easily raise and lower your arms and remove practically, are stylish and comfortable products. Men's vests, worn inside suits, can be easily worn over shirts, allowing you to adapt to the season. Men's vest models are known for their comfort and adding aesthetics to clothing, but another function is to keep you warm according to the season. Men's vest models are suitable for classical style, as well as for daily and sports styles with different varieties.

Men's Inflatable Vest Models

Inflatable men's vests , which replace coats, are one of the distinguished parts of sports style. Inflatable vests, which have the advantages of completing sports elegance and being much more practical than coats, protect you from cold weather conditions seasonally. Vests become almost as functional as coats when you choose padded models to protect yourself from the cold. Mostly quilted sports vests are also very popular with their waterproof qualities. Inflatable sports vests with acrylic density are available in the men's vest category of Sementa with navy blue, black, burgundy and khaki color options for men who like sports style.

Men's Knitwear Vest Models

Knitwear vests; Produced from fabrics such as cotton, wool, acrylic, it stands out as an ideal clothing product for those who like more classical styles and those who have to wear suits. Knitwear vests are items that can be used in all seasons according to the yarn from which they are produced. In addition, these vests can complement a sporty look according to their style. Ribbed waistcoats in vibrant colors bring the style closer to sports. The ones made of wool and acrylic can be used easily in winter, and those made of cotton can be easily combined with shirts and t-shirts in the spring. Sementa's knitwear vests are woven from 80% wool and 20% acrylic yarns. Sementa's men's vests, which you can easily wear over jeans with its indigo color option, appeal to all styles.