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Entrepreneurs who want to become a SEMENTA Retailing dealership can submit their applications to our brand officials using the form below.

It is preferred that the stores to be applied are located primarily in shopping centers. For street retailing, it should be located in a central location on the main street with heavy pedestrian traffic. The desired square meter for stores should be between 200-500 and consist of a single floor or 2 floors.

During the creation of the store, the store project drawing and decoration project must meet the standards deemed appropriate by SEMENTA Retailing. Information about the percentage value of the fee, advertising share, turnover share + VAT that we request from our entrepreneurs who want to become a dealer will be shared during our meetings with our dealer candidate. When determining the franchise fee, the size and location of the selected shop are taken into account.

Location of the Store(s) for which Franchise is Requested

Please write your information about the location / m2 where you plan to open a store.

Previous Dealership Information, If Any

Apart from this form, you can reach us by e-mail to

Dealership Application Special Line: +90 533 514 28 91