One of the most common body types is body with hips. It is a body type that refers to extra expansion in the hip, upper leg and hip area. Dressing is one of the topics that women with this body type are most curious about. The idea that women with hips cannot wear dresses is a completely wrong approach. By choosing the right dress models, it is possible to create combinations that appeal to your body type. You can start creating your own combinations by taking a look at the dress options we share with you in the rest of our article.

Bell Skirt Dress Models

Among the models that women with hips can choose, dresses with bell skirts are among the top choices. As its name suggests, it has bell-shaped skirts that flare out and descend. Its loose cut, right in the hip area, allows this area to be covered. It reveals the elegant lines of the body and helps you create stylish combinations.

Shirt Dress Models

Shirt dresses, which have gained popularity with their loose cuts and casual styles, are also a suitable option. Shirt dresses have a light and flowing fabric structure. This feature allows it to appeal to the body type of women with hips. Thanks to its cut and fabric structure, it offers extra comfort throughout the wearing process.

V-Neck Dress Models

It is recommended that dresses worn for elegant dinners, special celebrations and special occasions have extra details. In this way, you can get images that both reflect your style and attract attention. Women with hips can make their neckline types interesting as they do not want eye-catching details in this area. The V-neck type is a look that compliments women's body structure and is in line with fashion trends.

Backless Dress Models

As an alternative to V-neck, backless models can also be preferred. With the same logic, it ensures that the design details on the back become the center of attention. This design detail can be found in dresses that are especially suitable for evening wear.

Dresses That Expand Under the Breast

Dresses that expand under the bust and go down are another option that women with hips can wear. These are models where you can reflect your own style in details such as fabric structure and length of the dress. Loosening under the bust gives a nice appearance to the body measurements and can help the neck appear longer.

Knitwear Dress Models

There are ideal knitwear dresses for those who do not want to give up their dress style with the onset of cold weather. Among the reasons why knitwear dress models have gained a popular position in the fashion world is not only that they are suitable for cold weather. At the same time, thanks to its comfortable and wide cut, it is suitable for wear by many body types. Women with hips are among the people with these body types.

Chiffon Dress Models

While knitwear dresses are the image that comes to mind when it comes to cold weather, chiffon dresses are among the classic combinations of hot weather. The fact that chiffon is a thin, flowing and breathable fabric makes it possible to use it in hot weather. Chiffon dresses that become looser around the waist can be preferred by women with hips.

Single Color Dress Combinations

Another detail recommended for women with hips to pay attention to when choosing a dress is color choices. It is also possible to wear models with different color combinations and transitions. However, care must be taken to avoid these color transitions in the hip area. Changes in design, pattern or color in this area may cause undesirable images. Instead, you can enjoy the stylish style that comes with choosing single color dress models. If you want dresses with different colors, just make sure that these color transitions do not occur in the hip area.