Knitwear has the ability to retain heat because they are knitted from raw materials such as cotton and wool. With its warm textures, it is possible to achieve strong looks while keeping you warm. You can upgrade your style with women's sweater models offered in vibrant colors in the new season.

Use Knitting Details

You can easily use sweater models that you may like with details such as straw weave, basket weave and hair braid, both in your business and daily life. It is very trendy to combine dresses and skirts with sweaters instead of the jeans you always wear.

Don't Be Afraid of the Line

Striped t-shirt models, which are popular in summer, continue as striped sweater models in winter. Colorful ones are an ideal option for an energetic look. It is impossible not to admire the autumn atmosphere reflected when tan, beige, gray and bone stripes are used together. You can use it with solid color shirts.

Turtleneck Illusion

Turtleneck sweater models are one of the most seasonless pieces that do not have a period. It has the magic of making you look taller than you actually are. In addition to the combinations you always use, you can try using plain or patterned jean overalls. You can complete your combination with heeled boots.

Oversize Comfort

Oversize sweater models, which offer comfort and warmth at the same time with their wide fit, can be preferred as short or long. With its body-hugging structure, it also offers the comfort of wearing a t-shirt or shirt. You can create an updated look by wearing it with tights and tight jeans. You can interpret the street style in your own way by using it with tracksuit bottoms, quilted vests and sneakers.