Gemini is very lively and energetic, probably because they were born in the beginning months of summer, and this characteristic is reflected in their clothing style. Their character traits, which are open to change, lead to innovations and different styles in their combinations.

Follows trends closely. He knows the fashionable and current pieces very well, but since he generally likes comfortable clothes, he chooses sports options among them. Her style is feminine. Oversize shirts, t-shirts and sweaters are indispensable.

Since Gemini always prioritizes comfort, jeans are a must. Boyfriend jeans and oversized shirts are his favorite combinations. They love both sports and feminine appearance.

Yellow is one of the colors they use most in the summer months, as if inspired by the sun. Since yellow is a bold color on its own, they use other combination pieces in plain colors. They generally prefer single color dresses without patterns.

The Gemini woman does not like to be assertive, but with her self-confident nature, she is the embodiment of unpretentious elegance.