The first date is very exciting and stressful. From the moment we planned this meeting, the first question was 'So what should I wear?' We are torn between being assertive and not being assertive. We want to be different, but we are afraid of not being able to adjust what the limit will be. Sometimes we don't want to wear anything from our closet.

We may want to combine the first date with the new pieces we will buy and wear for the first time, or if those who listen to the advice we wrote in our previous blogs know which pieces they should have in their closets for special occasions and buy them and hang them during discount periods, they will not be under such great stress.

This new adventure has revived your emotions, you can't contain it, time is running out, maybe even appetites have diminished. Let's take a breath and relax... Let's get you ready for the first date. First you need to find out where you will meet so that there are not too sporty or extravagant choices.

Before getting dressed, you should be confident and place your smile, which is your most beautiful accessory, on your face.

-One-piece knee-length dresses are the safest choices. Depending on the season, a knitted short jacket can be used.

-A stylish blouse or shirt and a fitted skirt are always popular for a first date.

-If the meeting will be with coffee during the day, Jean will be useful. You can choose a blazer jacket and shoes to complement your style.

-For an after-work meeting, fabric trousers and a stylish shirt or a knitted sweater with a modest low-cut neckline will be great.

-Dense patterns, very vibrant colors, excessive cleavage... You should avoid these. They can be distracting.

-Depending on the outfit combination you choose, a silver or gold earring of medium size is always a savior and risk-free.

-Not much make-up. You should project a natural image. Make-up is the most ideal as if there was no make-up, which is the popular trend of recent years.

-Hair can be used in its natural state, but carefully gathered or left open. We stay away from exaggerated buns and crepes.

-The smell should not be too intense. A light perfume sprayed on clean skin will be sufficient.