What should I take with me when I go on holiday?

While there is very little time left for the holiday; The season has started and many of us have already planned to have a nice start to summer on the southern coast after the cold and long winter...

Let's pack a holiday suitcase together. In summer shorts And T-shirts are a super duo who are inseparable. A straw hat will both protect you from the sun and add a stylish look.

One-piece floral print dress It will be your biggest savior during the day. You can also use the short length ones as a pareo over a swimsuit.

In the evenings while the weather is still a little chilly crepe suit You can choose. With its lightweight fabric, it will take up little space in your suitcase and will offer you the comfort of wearing and going.

We should not skip sports for our health during the holiday. Over tights for morning walks crop or  tracksuit we can put it.

Be sure to put away your personal care items. You can choose travel sizes to take up less space.

Happy Holidays