Contrasting colors, as the name suggests, are colors that are exactly opposite each other. It is more difficult to combine than conventional colors, but it is an important tool for creativity. It offers a bold look while creating an energetic and lively feeling.

You can achieve a successful result without using too complicated contrasting colors. No matter what pieces you prefer, you definitely need colored pieces for the color blocking style. After choosing the two main colors when creating a combination, you can use their shades in your accessory selections.

There is no need to rediscover America...

Red-Green, Orange-Blue, Yellow-Purple are the most harmonious colors that can be used together without risk for a start. You can start with these contrasting colors and try other alternatives by adding your creativity as you get used to the idea of ​​using bright colors in your combinations.

Another way to use contrasting colors is to get help from patterned pieces. These patterns are already available on the fabric in colorful and harmonious form. That's why you can use it without adhering to any rules, but on one condition; One pattern, one combination... Never mix patterns with each other!!!