So what are these basic pieces?

T-shirt; It can be used under jackets, shirts and cardigans. It has a calming effect on moving parts. It doesn't matter whether it's a V-neck or an O-neck T-shirt, if you find the fit beautiful, don't miss it.

Not without a shirt, never without a white shirt. It is a very easy piece to combine with skirts, trousers and shorts. If you want to make a more stylish choice than a t-shirt, it is definitely the only address you can go to.

A black dress is the equivalent of an emergency kit in a woman's wardrobe. A magnificent elegance and noble image can be displayed with a single piece.

I guess there is no one who doesn't like jeans... Jeans, which used to be just a sports piece, can now be interpreted very stylishly with jacket and cardigan combinations.

Not without a jacket. The classic black and navy blue blazer jacket existed 20 years ago, and will exist 20 years later. The knitwear jacket is an alternative piece that makes combination easy.

White Sneaker is in perfect harmony with every possible combination. It doesn't matter if it's classic or sports. Let's not forget to replace this amazing invention, which can get along with every part, as it wears out.