Taurus women, who have a stylish and elegant stance, enjoy minimalist designs and pastel colors.

Taurus always likes to look well-groomed. Exaggerated pieces and vibrant colors are not their thing. Quality is very important for male and female Taurus. They prefer to wear brand clothes.

Earth tones such as light brown, cream and light green suit Taurus, one of the most important representatives of the earth element, very well. Textured fabrics such as velvet, silk and cashmere are very special for this zodiac sign, which loves touch and contact. They love to use it. The Taurus woman, who attaches great importance to material things, has no hesitation in paying big money for a piece that she can use for years.

A basic full fisherman knit sweater is a must for winter combinations, and a basic T-shirt is a must for summers. They manage to attract attention by adapting these simple pieces to their style perfectly.

For Taurus women, shoes should always have heels. Her most preferred shoe model is stiletto. It makes classy, ​​timeless and excellent choices when choosing bags.