Designs compatible with contrasting colors appear not only in the fashion industry but in many areas. Black-white and red-black are the most commonly used contrasting colors. As the fashion industry becomes more colorful, the combinations begin to become more colorful, especially for the spring-summer season. The energy of the sun also moves our soul.

If you are one of those who are just starting to make combinations with contrasting colors, first analyze your closet well. If it consists of too many dark colors, you can start changing your style by adding colorful pieces. If you choose contrasting colors within the same color, you will make more eye-catching combinations. For starters, these colors are always risk-free. Afterwards, you can make more assertive combinations by expanding your color scale.




Red Yellow

Another detail is how compatible the colors you use are with your skin and hair color. If you are a very fair-skinned person, you should stay away from pale shades of colors. When combining with contrasting colors, a striking and colorful earring or necklace will help you complete your style.