Wearing loose clothing to cover your excess weight will make you look larger than you actually are. There is no need to avoid dress models that will make you look more beautiful and stylish than you are.

No matter what our size is, the primary condition is to love our body.

You can start shopping with the size that fits your body perfectly. Although dark colors are a savior, there is no need to use them in the entire combination. You can choose a dark color for whichever area is heavier.

You have to be careful about the pattern. Dress When choosing a dress with small floral patterns instead of large patterns, vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes T-shirt It would be better to choose .

Trousers And sweatpants You can choose wide and straight legs in your selection. Those with elastic waist will be more useful.

Skirt If you are going to choose one and have wide hips, you should choose a bell-shaped model and complete it with high-heeled shoes.

Make plenty of room for belts in your closet. Tunic A wide belt used on it will help hide your excess space.

You can easily find trendy pieces that will appeal to every body size in Sementa collections.