What are the Arm Types?

Cap Sleeve: It is the sleeve type that starts from the shoulder and ends just below the shoulder. It's more like an extension of your collarbones.

Bell Arms: This long sleeve starts from the shoulder and expands towards the wrist like a bell. Also known as Spanish arm.

Raglan Sleeve: It is a classic sleeve type that passes in front of the chest and draws attention with its shoulder seams. Provides a sporty look.

Balloon Sleeve: It is the type of sleeve gathered on the shoulder that never goes out of fashion. A cool look is inevitable with the balloon sleeve that enlivens even the simplest outfit.

Cuff Sleeve: Shirt It is the sewing of clothes such as by using double layers of fabric on the cuffs. With its button detail, it can be used for sports or sports.

Bat Arm: It is the model without armhole groove. Dress And blouse We have come across these models very frequently in recent years. The arms are wide.

Three Quarter Sleeve: It is a sleeve model whose length is between the wrist and the elbow. When we consider the arm as a whole, 3/4 of it is the size popularly known as the poor arm.