Leg type, waist height, width; It is one of the most important criteria in terms of suitability for our body structure.

Jean Pants Names

new in recent years jeans New names entered our lives with trouser patterns.

Regular/Straight Jeans: It has a normal and straight cut. It is a classic pattern that is frequently preferred by both men and women. It does not stick to the body and feels comfortable.

Skinny Jeans: These fit jeans are the narrowest fit. It requires a smooth and fit body. It hugs the whole body tightly in the form of tights.

Mom Jean: These are loose and high-waist trouser models. Since it covers the waist area completely, it makes your body look flawless if you have a thin waist.

Palazzo Jean: It has a thin fabric, high waist, wide legs and a comfortable fit. It is generally pleated. The legs should be long enough to sweep the floor.

Boyfriend Jean: These models, which create an oversize effect and resemble men's trouser patterns, look more stylish on tall and not overweight women.

Slouchy Jean: This pattern is used as slouchy or harem. It is a modernized version of shalwar, our local clothing. Medium waisted and casual.