How to Wash Blacks Before They Fade

First of all, you should know that black clothes should be washed after being used a few times, especially skirt , shorts , trousers , knitwear , shirt ones. No matter how careful you are, washing machines can wear down the paint, causing signs of fading.

It should not be washed together with clothes that leave lint. with chardonnay sweatshirt And knitwear should be washed separately. These hairs stick to black clothes, making them appear faded.

Washing by turning it upside down will protect it slightly from the abrasive effect of the detergent.

Very high temperatures and long washing programs should be avoided. 30 degrees is suitable for black clothes to prevent fading.

Liquid detergents specially produced for black clothes should be used because these detergents are formulated for dark colors.

Tumble dryers should not be preferred because they collect a lot of fluff and are a hot and long process, and they should be hung to dry without exposing them to too much sunlight.