Aries is brave, strong and active, and reflects this in its clothing style. He likes to attract attention with what he wears. It is not known whether it is related to his leadership qualities, but he is a real pants lover. Every model in your closet trousers There are colors. Due to her lively and fast pace, skirts and high heels are not her style and she does not prefer them.

She loves using low-cut and bold colors together. The Aries woman's style often does not comply with social norms. The way they dress may be against fashion, but that's what he wants. He carries clothes very well and makes them look good on him. Just as he doesn't take advice from anyone about anything, he also doesn't take advice from anyone about clothing.

He loves vibrant colors. Especially red and orange are its colors. He prefers to combine vibrant colors with black. She loves to be striking, including her hair color. She is also very fond of cosmetics, perfumes and skin care.

Both well-groomed and assertive! what more...