The logic of the capsule wardrobe is based on simplicity. The pieces you use most in your wardrobe are the basics. You need basic t- shirts with high quality cotton content that you can wear regardless of summer or winter. It should consist of basic colors. Black, white and beige are colors that are easy to match. Focusing on buying what you need will also help you stop wasting money on clothes you'll never wear. Therefore, the capsule wardrobe allows you to save money.

Versatility is extremely important when creating a capsule wardrobe. That's why you should definitely use a black and navy blue blazer. Shirt and T-shirts, it gives a restrained look both in the office environment and at invitations.

Jeans and chinos are versatile. It adapts to every environment by being comfortable and easy to wear. The most important detail in choosing trousers is choosing the right pattern. For a modern look, it should be slim cut but not too tight. It should end at ankle level. Beige, khaki, navy blue and black are the most popular options.

Crew neck and polo neck sweaters It is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that a man should have in his wardrobe. To keep it timeless and harmonious, choose solid colors such as navy blue or grey. Stay away from multicolored and patterned sweaters because you are creating a capsule wardrobe. The main thing for you is that your pieces are not temporary in terms of style.

Suitable for men of all ages, hooded sweatshirts should be waiting in the closet for weekends as a timeless option. Whether it's jeans or sweatpants You can use it with . Avoid oversize alternatives that are too large to provide a more elaborate look.