It's no longer khaki and dark green; With the liveliness of the summer months, more striking tones such as emerald green, pistachio green and pine green come to the fore.

This peaceful color of nature; You can match it with black, white, cream, yellow, mink, beige and coral colors.

Emerald shirt and knitwear It can be used as a top combination in pieces and in beige, gold and earth tones. You can complete it with trousers and skirt .

While the green color bottom combination maintains its calmness with skirts and trousers, it can be made striking by using coral and salmon colors on the top piece.

Mint green, one-piece jumpsuit suitable for wear-and-go style dress can be selected in models. It can be completed with a beige hair accessory and tan sandals.

Another color that can harmonize with every shade of green is yellow. The energy they emit together is very high. Printed t -shirt and You can choose vibrant yellow color for shorts .

Every shade of green looks great with gold jewellery.