Finally, the weather is warmer, summer is here... In the hustle and bustle of life, it is always good to get away, whether for a weekend or a long holiday. Seeing different places, resting, and getting away from the hustle and bustle makes us all feel great.

When we go on vacation, we fill the suitcase with so many unnecessary things that we bring most of them back without wearing them. We have listed for you the must-have items in your summer suitcase.

When it comes to summer, the first thing that comes to mind is patterned dresses . Colorful and energetic dresses that can accompany you all day long, without being overwhelmed by the heat... You can complete it with straw hats or hair accessories. Don't forget the fine knitwear you'll wear on cool summer evenings.

Life-saving denim shorts... Shorts that you can wear with any t-shirt model you want are the saviors of your holiday. It is the most comfortable piece to combine with sandals or ballet flats, allowing you to achieve sporty elegance.

Chiffon mini skirts, combined with crop t-shirts, create a romantic effect and liven up your bikinis and swimsuits on the beach. It will look great with macrame accessories.