Cancer has traditional characteristics that are connected to their families and roots. Because of these features, they give special importance to vintage and retro items.

The planet Moon rules the sign Cancer. This planet means changeable feelings and emotions. Depending on the emotional turmoil he is experiencing, he may dress very irrelevantly and out of style on days when he is not in the mood. They can spend the day in just jeans and a basic t-shirt .

Flying fabrics and romantic details are perfect for Cancer... Lace, chiffons and crepes are indispensable. White, ecru and beige are the colors they use most. For more colorful choices, they love blue, the color of the sea, and dark blue tones.

On special occasions, they make simple but assertive choices. They like to wear low-cut clothes. It is a must for pencil dress wardrobes with low-cut details on the chest or back.

They mostly prefer silver accessories. It is the savior of silver jewelery combinations with colored stones. Among the precious stones, emeralds are their favorite.