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Men's Sweatshirt Models

Sweatshirts, one of the most preferred products by men in sports and daily wear, are extremely comfortable clothes. Known as the favorite of men who are fond of comfort, sweatshirt ; They are situation-saving and practical top-wear products that can be combined with sweatpants , jeans , canvas trousers and shorts . In fact, your style is not too decisive in the selection of men's sweaters that fit with almost every combination. Because every man definitely uses men's sweat types. While sports style enthusiasts prefer more draped, hooded and large pocketed models and printed men's sweatshirts, gentlemen who have adopted the classic style in their daily life mostly prefer polo collar ones.

Among Sementa's male swearshirt models, there are solid color and two-color models, as well as transverse striped sweaters, which are the most preferred by men. Sementa men's sweaters; It is diversified according to its collars as polo collar , zero collar and V-neck . Sementa men's sweatshirts, which are produced by mixing cotton and polyester fabrics in equal proportions and have a jacquard option, are available in dark colors such as black, anthracite, gray and navy blue; It is presented to your liking on our website with its vivid colors such as yellow, green and red.

Jacquard Men's Sweatshirts

Jacquard fabric is a type of fabric produced from raw material yarns such as cotton , linen and silk , which takes its name from its manufacturer. While producing jacquard fabrics, the threads are woven on a special loom. Jacquard fabrics are patterned due to their weaving. Jacquard fabrics were often used as upholstery fabrics, but are now also frequently used in clothing products. This type of fabric, which forms the infrastructure of carpets, curtains, towels and home textile products, appears as a raw material in clothing due to its elegance and comfort. Jacquard garments are very durable and keep you warm, as they have a quality and thick structure. Despite its durability, jacquard fabrics, which require care in washing, need protection during dry cleaning or by hand washing. You should wash your jacquard garments in the machine with a delicate setting and do not spin. Otherwise, the fabric may be damaged and discoloration may occur. Although it is a fabric that requires some care, you will be very pleased with jacquard garments.