It has been many years since we said goodbye to the knitted sweaters we wore over uniforms in school years ago. The sweater, a garment that we only see on our grandfathers and fathers, has always stood out in the posts of influential names of the fashion world for two seasons. Many companies knitwear created a collection of sweater models.

How to combine the sweater, also known as the sleeveless sweater, which has its eye on the throne of cardigans and vests as the seasons change? How to wear? 

My first suggestion for you is to wear the sweater with an oversized shirt, which is the most popular way to use it. It will be suitable for the day with jeans and moccasins, and for the evening with high-heeled boots.

If you are going to choose active items such as a colorful Geometric or Houndstooth patterned knitted sweater, make sure that the bottom clothing items are plain. You can wear plain basic short-sleeved t-shirts in white, beige or cream colors under a sweater.

Mini skirts and shorts can be star pieces that you can use in your sweater style. A zigzag patterned knitted sweater and sports socket socks over a solid color skirt will take you back to your college years.

If you do not want to wear the sweater under another piece, which we see a lot of this style on the catwalks this season, then you can make it practical for daily use with loose and light-colored jean models.

By combining solid color sweater models, which you can use on a patterned shirt dress, with sneakers, you will not compromise on both your style and comfort all day long.

The knitwear sweater, which ranks first among the trending pieces, is suitable for almost every body type. If you haven't bought it yet, a knitwear sweater should definitely be added to your wardrobe in the new season. You can create wonders by trying different and creative combinations.