Sagittarius loves exploring unknown places, new people, new ideas and new adventures. He is very free. There is no room for outdated taboos in your life. You don't have any in your closet...

When you open the Sagittarius' closet, you can see all the colors of the rainbow. He loves natural materials such as cotton and linen. He is very curious about different cultures. She is very successful in blending ethnic and bohemian pieces in her clothes with the existing products in her closet. Tassels and local motifs are indispensable for them.

Sagittarius women do not have to worry about dressing stylishly all the time. He cannot give up jeans in his daily combinations. Velvet trousers are very compatible with the ethnic clothing style he loves. oversize shabby cardigans , It's as if long scarves were designed for them. He likes to attract attention and never becomes a fashion victim.

Beige, cream and pastel tones are indispensable. knitwear fisherman sweaters It is a must for winter combinations. The Sagittarius woman, who has a dramatic style, is known for her comfort, sometimes to the point of indifference. This comfort is also reflected in their clothes. For Sagittarius women, flat shoes, cowboy boots, and thick-heeled boots accompany their ethnic look. Bag preferences mostly consist of backpacks or shoulder bags in soft colors. She likes clothes that are both comfortable and eye-catching.